6.0 oz
Ounces: 6 oz.

As healthy as it gets! Micro Superfood Mix has tiny flavorful greens packed with vitamins. Sprinkle on soups, salads, and blend into smoothies!

FLAVOR: Bold, Notes of Spice and Broccoli

CONTAINS: Micro Broccoli, Micro Pack Choi, Micro Arugula, Micro Purple Radish

USAGE: Appetizers, Entrees, and Salads

NUTRITIONAL ASPECT: Micro Broccoli (Up to 100x more Sulforafane than regular Broccoli), Micro Pack Choi (Carotenoids, Vitamins C, E and K), Micro Arugula (Glucosinolates, Vitamin C and phenols), Micro Purple Radish (Anthocyanins antioxidants)

PACKING SIZE: 6 oz. Clamshell