WeQook brings you extraordinarily fresh and local products with an emphasis on flavor and quality. In addition to growing the world’s best microgreens, we source local ingredients with bold fresh flavors. The goal? Making you, the cook, look good.

WeQook provides the wholesome deliciousness of a local farm stand with the convenience of an online retail store. We locally produce microgreens, compound butter, pesto and other condiments for the discerning home cook.

We believe that local tastes best, and that the local farm stand should come to you! We believe that when food is handcrafted with quality local ingredients, it tastes better! We focus on flavor and freshness. Pure and simple. Without those two pillars, WeQook would not exist! We strive to bring honest and wholesome ingredients from our farm stand, to your table.

Our Team: The WeQook team is a knowledgeable group of people that have a passion for food and an drive to help home cooks achieve their goals. They come from food focused backgrounds and strive to make the cooking experience easy, fun, memorable, and delicious.

Weqook Team

Delicious: We focus on flavor. That’s always first and foremost. After all, if it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point?
Community: Our community means everything to us. The relationships we form with local farms and producers are an integral part of what drives us.
Food Safety: Our food safety standards are second to none. They exceed the norm, and insure that your experience with us is safe, and delicious.
Worldly: Our products are grown locally, with seeds from all over the world. We reach to the far corners of the globe for flavor and food influence!