Edible Flowers and Leaves

WeQook: Introduction to Edible Flowers Collection

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That may be true, but we have yet to meet a single person that hasn’t found our collection of edible flowers absolutely stunning. We offer an extensive assortment of 14 different edible leaves and flowers that are going to make your next cocktail, dessert, or appetizer the talk of the town! Just what exactly are “edible flowers and leaves”? Well, unlike microgreens, which are the entire plant reduced town to a single stem, the edible flowers and leaves are picked from larger mature plants. They’re completely dirt free and ready to enjoy! Each edible is stunning in its own special way, with incredible flavors that will leave you wanting more. Let’s take a closer look at the collection.

We offer eight edible flowers the run the gamut for application and flavor profile. Our Viola Mix is a shockingly beautiful assortment of little blossoms. The flowers are delicate and buttery, with hints of pollen and spearmint. These can really be used to garnish just about anything. From a cocktails and cakes to appetizers and salads. In the same vein are our Wild Blue Violas. Small vibrant blue flowers with mint undertones. They would make a beautiful garnish to an icy glass of lemonade or a sweet summery fruit salad. Incan Begonias offer an outrageous pop of bright pink color and tart granny smith apple flavor. They would be right at home on the rim of a cosmopolitan cocktail, or alongside a roasted duck breast. Marigolds and beautiful little blossoms that look, smell, and taste just like a hot summer day in flower form. The bright orange, red, and yellow petals can be picked and sprinkled into a lemony butter leaf salad, or perhaps sliced summer tomatoes with a pinch of flaky sea salt. Micro Marigolds are tiny versions of our classic Marigold Flowers. So tiny that they can be eaten whole! They have a bright citrusy pop with hints of spice and ginger. A perfect accompaniment to a lemon curd tart or whiskey smash cocktail. Sechuan Buttons may be one of our most memorable offerings. What looks like a tiny unassuming yellow blossom is an electrifying experience in your mouth! A surefire way to make a cocktail that will truly have everyone buzzing! Our True French Lavender is an experience to behold. These perfumed blooms will send you straight to the South of France. And we could all use a little vacation right now right?! Use them as tea stirs, or strip the flowers from the stem for pasties and cocktails. Ornamental Orchids are a fantastic way to make a dull plate look very (very) exciting. They can’t be eaten, but make a fruit salad, stir fry, or roasted leg of lamb look like a million bucks!

It's not just about flowers, our edible leaves are equally beautiful and pack incredible flavors. Let’s take a look… Majii Leaves are the succulent you didn’t know you could eat! That’s right, this is an edible succulent leaf. Juicy and crunchy, with flavors of green apple, lime, and pine. It would make a very cool garnish to the edge of a margarita or gin and tonic. Shiso Leaves Green and Purple are an ancient Japanese sushi accompaniment. They do pair perfectly with raw seafood, but also make a tasty addition to hot bowls of ramen, sliced tropical fruit, and Moscow mules. Without a doubt, one of our most nutrient packed items is our Wheatgrass. Its long slender leaves can be juiced and then enjoyed as a straight shot or mixed into a larger smoothie. After a couple of these, you’re going to feel like a new human! Looking to give you taste buds a trip to the ocean? Our Salty Fingers and Sea Fennel will take them there! Salty Fingers are kind of like sea beans, but juicier and saltier. Their crunch pairs perfectly with raw oysters, poached halibut, and tuna tartare. Sea Fennel has a very complex flavor profile. Notes of sea salt, lime, carrot, and fresh fennel. Work this gem into your steamed mussels or chop it finely and