4.5 oz
Counts: 50 ct.

Nasturtium Leaves are visually arresting, versatile, and vitamin-rich. Their sweet aroma and delicious flavor complement any dish from soups and entrées, to salads and desserts. The size of each leaf is 1.5 – 2” in diameter.



Peppery, Spicy, Sweet


Bright Green


Delicate, Crisp


Gazpacho, Tomato Salad, Lobster Roll


All Year-Round


Long Island, New York


South America


50 ct. Clamshell


Primus GFSI Certified


Next-day for everyone


 Nasturtium Leaves Details

Nasturtium leaves, part of the Tropaeolaceae family, were not initially eaten until introduced to the East, where they became popular for consumption and tea-making. These leaves offer a delightful combination of sweet, spicy, and peppery flavors, with a delicate, crisp texture, making them a favorite among chefs.

Nasturtium leaves resemble lily pads. These peppery leaves are rich in vitamin C and serve as an excellent base for seafood, meats, and poultry dishes, a fact appreciated by chefs worldwide. Enjoyed for their edible nature, nasturtium leaves contribute both flavor and nutrients to various culinary creations.

Recipes and Tips:

Nasturtium leaves bring a spicy kick to dishes and are perfect for raw recipes. You can chop them up and toss them into salads for an extra zing or blend them into pesto for a unique twist.  

You can sprinkle them on top of your Gazpacho or incorporate them into your Lobster Roll. And did you know you can boil nasturtium leaves to make tea?

Get creative and try out different nasturtium leaves recipes to elevate your favorite dishes with their unique taste and texture.

Nutritional Facts:

Nasturtium leaves benefits are endless. They are packed with nutrition, offering a range of vitamins and minerals that can benefit your health. They are particularly rich in vitamins A, C, and D, which can support immune function, vision, and bone health. 

Additionally, nasturtium leaves contain beta-carotene, an antioxidant that can help protect cells from damage and promote healthy skin. 

They also provide iron and manganese, essential minerals that can play key roles in energy production and metabolism. 

Furthermore, Nasturtium Leaves are loaded with flavonoids, plant compounds with antioxidant properties that may help reduce inflammation and lower the risk of chronic diseases. 

Storage and Usage Tips:

Best kept in your refrigerator between 36 to 40°F in their clamshell packaging. This helps preserve their quality for a longer duration.