Top Chef-Approved Edible Flowers in New York, USA

Top Chef-Approved Edible Flowers in New York, USA

Edible flowers are not just a feast for the eyes; they are a treat for the taste buds too! These vibrant blooms have been making waves in New York’s culinary scene.

From top chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants to passionate home cooks and enthusiastic food vloggers, everyone is embracing the floral trend. Why, you ask? Because edible flowers bring a burst of color, a dash of elegance, and a sprinkle of whimsy to any plate.

But not all flowers are created equal, and some are more chef-approved than others. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the top chef-approved edible flowers that are making a splash in New York, USA. Trust us, after reading this, you'll never look at a flower garden the same way again!

Chef's Favorite Varieties of Edible Flowers

Let's dive into the enchanting world of edible flowers, where petals aren't just for prettifying your garden—they're also for jazzing up your dinner plate! Whether you're a chef looking to wow your diners or a foodie aiming to rack up those Instagram likes, these flowers are your culinary best friends. Here's a fun table detailing each chef-approved variety, along with their color, flavor, and origin. Prepare to be floored by flowers!

Flower Variety




Apple Blossom

White to dark pink

Very Sour, Crisp, Tart (like Granny Smith apple)

Long Island, New York

BlinQ Blossom

Transparent, glistening bubbles

Briny, Juicy, Slightly Sour

Long Island, New York

Nasturtium Flowers

Yellow, Gold, Orange, Brick Red, Pink

Peppery, Spicy, Sweet

Long Island, New York

Incan Begonias

Bright Red-Orange

Tart and Sour, Green Apple, Hints of Raspberry

Long Island, New York

Marigold Flowers

Bright Yellow, Orange, Red

Fragrant, Slightly Spicy, Bitter, Hints of Mint and Tarragon

Long Island, New York

Pansy Flower Mix

Various (Blue, Purple, Yellow, etc.)

Buttery with a Hint of Spearmint

Long Island, New York

Viola "Cornabria" Mix

Various (Purple, Yellow, Blue, etc.)

Buttery, Subtle Spearmint

Long Island, New York

True French Lavender


Intense Lavender

Long Island, New York

Sechuan Buttons


Slight Lemon Flavor, Electrifying Sensation

Long Island, New York


Why Edible Flowers are a Culinary Delight?

Ever wondered why top chefs and food enthusiasts are raving about edible flowers? Well, it’s time to lift the curtain on these vibrant petals and reveal their culinary magic. Here’s why edible flowers are the ultimate culinary delight:

1. A Feast for the Eyes:

Let’s start with the obvious: edible flowers make your dishes look like they belong in an art gallery. These colorful blooms can turn a simple salad into a visual masterpiece, giving you major points for presentation before anyone even takes a bite.

2. Flavor Explosion:

Each type of edible flower brings its own unique flavor to the table. From the sweet and delicate apple blossom to the electric zing of Sechuan buttons, these flowers can add unexpected and exciting tastes to your dishes. It’s like adding a secret ingredient that leaves everyone guessing.

3. Aromatic Appeal:

Beyond taste and appearance, edible flowers also add an aromatic dimension to your dishes. Imagine the sweet, floral scent of true French lavender wafting through the air as you serve dessert. It’s an olfactory delight that heightens the dining experience.

4. Nutritional Benefits:

Believe it or not, many edible flowers are packed with nutrients. Nasturtiums, for example, are rich in Vitamin C, while marigolds contain antioxidants. So, not only do these flowers make your food look and taste amazing, but they can also give your health a little boost.

5. Versatility in Use:

Edible flowers aren’t just for garnishing salads. They can be used in everything from cocktails and teas to baked goods and savory dishes. The versatility of these flowers means you can experiment and get creative in the kitchen, discovering new and exciting ways to incorporate them into your recipes.

6. Conversation Starter:

Serve a dish adorned with edible flowers, and watch the conversation bloom. These flowers are a great way to engage your guests, spark interest, and show off your culinary savvy. Plus, who doesn’t love a good “Did you know?” moment at the dinner table?

7. Seasonal and Local Appeal:

Using edible flowers is a fantastic way to embrace local and seasonal ingredients. Many of these blooms are best enjoyed fresh, which means you’ll be supporting local growers and adding a touch of seasonality to your dishes.

With that, here we will dive more into the details of each Edible flower. Let’s keep reading……


Apple Blossom

Apple Blossoms are a delightful addition to both sweet and savory dishes, offering a crisp, tart flavor reminiscent of a particularly cheeky Granny Smith apple. These South American beauties are available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, making them perfect for adding a refreshing zing to your culinary creations.

Usage Tips:

  • Fruit Salads: Add them for a tangy surprise that will elevate your salad game.
  • Pastries: Garnish your pastries with these blossoms for a visually appealing and flavorful twist.
  • Cocktails: Drop a few blossoms into your cocktails for a refreshing, tart kick that will have your guests buzzing.


BlinQ Blossom

Often dubbed the caviar of edible flowers, BlinQ Blossoms create a stunning visual and sensory experience. These tiny, glistening bubbles burst with a fresh, juicy sensation that’s slightly briny and sour. Native to Africa, BlinQ Blossoms are available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, perfect for making a dramatic statement on any plate.

Usage Tips:

  • Seafood: Perfect with oysters or clams, adding a burst of flavor and a touch of elegance.
  • Martinis: Garnish your martinis with BlinQ Blossoms for a sparkling, juicy sensation that makes each sip special.

Nasturtium Flowers

Nasturtium Flowers are the rebels of the flower world, flaunting a riot of colors from yellow and gold to brick red and pink. With a flavor that's peppery, spicy, and a tad sweet, these South American natives bring a bold kick to any dish. Available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, they can be used whole or as petals.

Usage Tips:

  • Gazpacho: Sprinkle petals over gazpacho for a zesty twist.
  • Tomato Salads: Brighten up your salads with their vibrant colors and bold flavor.
  • Lobster Rolls: Add a peppery punch to your lobster rolls for a unique flavor experience.


Incan Begonias

Incan Begonias are the rock stars of the edible flower scene, sporting bright red-orange, star-shaped blossoms that demand attention. Their tart and sour flavor, akin to green apple with hints of raspberry and currant, makes them a unique addition to any culinary creation. Available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, these flowers are both visually striking and flavorful.

Usage Tips:

  • Cocktails: Float them in a Moscow Mule for a tangy surprise.
  • Desserts: Add to fruit tarts for an unexpected zing.
  • Main Dishes: Garnish roasted duck breast for a stunning visual and flavorful contrast.


Marigold Flowers

Marigold Flowers comes in three different varieties:

  1. Whole Marigold Flowers
  2. Micro Marigold
  3. Marigold Petals

Whether whole, in petals, or micro-sized, add vibrant bursts of yellow, orange, and red to any dish. With a fragrant, slightly spicy, and bitter flavor, these Central American flowers come with hints of mint and tarragon. 

Available at WeQook in various quantities. 50-count clamshells for whole flowers, 3 oz. for petals, and 200-count clamshells for micro marigolds. They offer versatility in your kitchen.

Usage Tips:

Marigold flowers also come packed with many anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antifungal compounds, making them not only a treat for the taste buds but also beneficial for health. 

  • Marigold Flowers: 

Crumble them into ordinary salads to transform them into extraordinary culinary creations. They pair beautifully with shrimp ceviche, margaritas, kale salads, and roasted sweet potatoes.

  • Marigold Petals: 

Just like the whole flowers, the petals add bursts of citrusy color to dishes. Use them in shrimp ceviche, margaritas, kale salads, and roasted sweet potatoes to elevate the flavor and presentation.

  • Micro Marigold: 

These bright, cheery blossoms offer a fresh citrus flavor with hints of lemon. Use them as a garnish to finish off dishes like tuna tartar, shrimp cocktails, and vodka tonics for a refreshing twist.

Pansy Flower Mix

Pansy Flowers offers a mild, buttery flavor with a hint of spearmint, making them versatile for both sweet and savory dishes. With their excellent shelf life and variety of stunning colors, these Continental European natives are available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook.

Usage Tips:

  • Desserts: Decorate cakes, pastries, and tarts with these colorful blooms for a touch of elegance.
  • Salads: Add to salads for a subtle, minty note that complements the other ingredients.


Viola "Cornabria" Flower Mix

Viola "Cornabria" flowers are the darlings of the edible flower world, with buttery petals and a subtle spearmint flavor. These European beauties are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to cocktails and desserts. Available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, they are as practical as they are pretty.

Usage Tips:

  • Cocktails: Garnish a gin fizz to impress your guests.
  • Desserts: Top a pound cake with strawberries or add to vanilla ice cream for a sophisticated touch.

True French Lavender

True French Lavender is your ticket to the South of France, bringing an intense lavender flavor that’s perfect for cocktails, desserts, and even game dishes. These lavender blooms, available in 150-count clamshells at WeQook, will transport your taste buds to Provence with their aromatic charm.

Usage Tips:

  • Drinks: Infuse into vodka lemonade for a fragrant drink.
  • Desserts: Add to strawberry crostata for a floral twist.
  • Teas: Enhance Earl Grey tea with lavender for a soothing experience.

Sechuan Buttons

Sechuan Buttons are the daredevils of the edible flower world, offering an electrifying, tingling sensation rather than a conventional flavor. With a slight lemony taste, these flowers from Africa and China, available in 50-count clamshells at WeQook, will leave your tongue buzzing.

Usage Tips:

  • Main Dishes: Add to beef stir fry for a surprising, tingling sensation.
  • Desserts: Serve with lemon sorbet for an electrifying experience.
  • Cocktails: Garnish a Negroni for an unexpected twist that will wow your guests.


Where to Buy Edible Flowers in New York?

Looking to add a splash of color and flavor to your dishes with edible flowers? New York is home to some top-notch sources for these culinary delights. Here's where you can find the freshest edible flowers in the Big Apple.

Top Grower in New York, USA: Flavour Fields

Flavour Fields is a leading producer of edible flowers in New York. Known for their quality and variety, they cater to chefs, distributors, and influencers alike. Flavour Fields offers a wide range of edible flowers, grown with care and precision to ensure the highest quality.

  • Partnership Opportunities: 

Flavour Fields welcomes partnerships with chefs and culinary professionals. Their extensive range of products is perfect for elevating any dish.

  • Visit their website: 

Explore the freshness and variety of edible flowers at


Online Options for Fresh Edible Flowers: WeQook

WeQook makes it easy to get your hands on fresh edible flowers in New York. Our commitment to freshness ensures that you receive the highest quality blooms for your culinary creations.

  • Next Day Priority Overnight Shipping: 

Place your order before noon, Monday through Thursday, and receive your edible flowers the very next day. WeQook prioritizes freshness, so your flowers arrive in perfect condition.

  • Convenient Pickup: 

If you prefer to pick up your order, WeQook offers speedy order processing. Your edible flowers will be ready within just 24 hours of placing your order.

  • Minimum Order: 

There’s a $50.00 minimum order for delivery service.

  • Visit website: 

For more details and to place your order, visit

With these top-notch sources, finding and purchasing edible flowers in New York is a breeze. Whether you opt for Flavour Fields or WeQook, you can rest assured that you're getting the freshest, highest-quality flowers to enhance your culinary creations. Happy cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions About Edible Flowers

Can you eat edible flowers raw?

Ans: Yes, mainly edible flowers are eaten raw. They are often used fresh in salads, as garnishes, or in beverages to provide vibrant color and unique flavors.

What do edible blossoms taste like?

Ans: The taste of edible blossoms varies widely. For example, nasturtiums are peppery, marigolds are slightly spicy and citrusy, and apple blossoms are tart and crisp like a Granny Smith apple.

Which common flowers are edible?

Ans: Common edible flowers include nasturtiums, marigolds, pansies, violets, and roses. Each offers distinct flavors and can be used in various culinary applications.

Can you eat marigolds?

Ans: Yes, marigolds are edible and come in various sizes. They have a slightly spicy, bitter flavor with hints of mint and tarragon, making them great for salads, cocktails, and garnishes.

Can you name some edible flowers and how are they used in cooking?

Ans: We already mentioned them in the blog. However, here’s a quick recap for you:

  • Apple Blossom: Used in fruit salads, pastries, and cocktails for a tart, crisp flavor.
  • BlinQ Blossom: Ideal for garnishing oysters, clams, and martinis due to their briny, juicy taste.
  • Nasturtium Flowers: Perfect for gazpacho, tomato salads, and lobster rolls with their peppery, spicy sweetness.
  • Incan Begonias: Add to Moscow mules, fruit tarts, and roasted duck breast for a tart, sour zing.
  • Marigold Flowers: Use in shrimp ceviche, margaritas, and kale salads for their fragrant, slightly spicy, and citrusy notes.

What are some unique edible flowers for dishes?

Ans: Unique edible flowers include Sechuan buttons, which offer an electrifying sensation, and BlinQ blossoms, known for their caviar-like texture and flavor.

What are some chef's favorite edible flowers?

Ans: Chefs often favor flowers like apple blossoms, BlinQ blossoms, nasturtiums, and Incan begonias for their distinctive flavors and visual appeal.

What are the uses of edible flowers in salads?

Ans: Edible flowers add color, flavor, and texture to salads. They can be used whole or as petals, and varieties like nasturtiums and marigolds are particularly popular.

What flowers are not edible?

Ans: Not all flowers are safe to eat. Some toxic flowers include foxglove, oleander, and lily of the valley. Always ensure you are using flowers that are specifically labeled as edible. And trust WeQook.

Are edible flowers healthy?

Ans: Yes, many edible flowers contain vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds, making them a nutritious addition to your diet.



Incorporating edible flowers into your culinary repertoire is like adding a splash of color to your life—literally and figuratively. They bring beauty, flavor, aroma, and even a touch of nutrition to your meals. So, the next time you’re looking to elevate your cooking game, think flowers. Your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you!