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Studded with deep red veins and stems, Red Veined Sorrel’s flavor is similar to mild lettuce and crisp apple-like. This is what makes it a strong contender for both sweet and savory dishes.



Lettuce, Slight Tang of Acidity


Bright lime-green leaves with dark red veins and stems


Smooth, Crisp


Seared scallops, Chickpea salad, Fritatta


All Year-Round


Long Island, New York


Europe and Asia


3 oz. or 6 oz. Clamshell




Primus GFSI Certified


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Red Veined Sorrel Details

Red Veined Sorrel, scientifically known as Rumex sanguineus, boasts pointed lime-green leaves adorned with striking dark red veins. Best harvested in their youth, these leaves offer a bright lemony flavor and a visually captivating appearance when added raw to salads. 

Chefs particularly appreciate its tangy taste, reminiscent of mild lettuce with hints of apple, which adds a unique dimension to microgreen blends and various culinary creations. 

Renowned for its versatility, Red Veined Sorrel's deep red veins and stems make it a standout ingredient in both sweet and savory recipes. Its vibrant color, refreshing taste, and delightful crunch elevate every dish it enriches, earning it a cherished place in the culinary world.

Recipes and Tips:

Red Veined Sorrel leaves are versatile and can be enjoyed fresh or cooked in various dishes. Young, tangy leaves are perfect for salads or garnishes.

They can even serve as the star ingredient in creamed sorrel soup, acting as a natural thickener. 

Additionally, Red Veined Sorrel can be used to flavor beverages like lemon-less lemonade or anti-inflammatory tea. Its bright, citrusy flavor pairs well with potatoes, whole grains, eggs, cream, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, veal, and fish.

Enjoy Red Veined Sorrel in dishes like seared scallops, chickpea salad, or frittatas for a burst of flavor and color.

To explore creative ways to enhance your culinary dishes, check out our Chef's Guide to Flavorful Creations featuring Red Veined Sorrel (Rumex sanguineus).

Nutritional Facts:

Red Veined Sorrel provides a variety of nutrients and potential health benefits. It contains vitamins C and A, as well as some B vitamins. 

Red Veined Sorrel is known for its antioxidant properties and may have diuretic, detoxifying, laxative, and astringent effects. It also offers small amounts of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. 

Additionally, Red Veined Sorrel contains natural phytochemicals such as flavonoids, which may have antioxidant properties. 

Storage and Usage Tips:

Best kept in your refrigerator between 36 to 40°F in their clamshell packaging. You can also cook the leaves in butter to make a puree for a longer shelf life. This puree can then be frozen and used later in soups or stews. 

Pro tip: Freezing the puree in ice cube trays makes it easy to portion out for future use.